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Blog: We're Gonna Be Film Stars!

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In a couple of weeks' time Steve and I are going to be performing Hey Hey 16K at the Go Faster Festival at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London's fashionable Bloomsbury area of London. I mentioned this in last month's newsletter but I don't think I've shown off about it AT ALL on the blog yet, so let's put that right shall we?

The Go Faster Festival is a FANTASTIC thing which I'm very very VERY excited to be a part of - two full days of SHOWS at The Bloomsbury (in their Studio room) which Mr C Evans of Go Faster Stripe is going to FILM for release as a series of DVDs and/or downloads! Yes, that's right, those of you who haven't been LUCKY enough to see Hey Hey 16K LIVE will now have the chance to see a Properly Filmed version on DVD! Or, to be honest, probably for us just a download, but still!

Quite apart from all the swanking about and saying "oh yes yes, our show is being filmed don't you know' that this affords me, I am MOST pleased about it because I flipping LOVE Hey Hey 16K. As I've said before it is by FAR the most FUN show to perform that we've done, and getting back into it again post-Edinburgh has reminded me how much I like it. It's got THINGS in it, like JOKES and also POINTS!

Tickets available for each of the two days of the festival, allowing you to see everything on that day - we're on on the SUNDAY along with Bec Hill, Simon Munnery, our old chum Gavin Osborn and one more MYSTERY GUEST. A ticket for each day will usually cost you thirty quid you can get a whole TENNER off if you a) book before this Monday and b) use the code NEWSLETTER. Bargain! Here's the link:

On top of all THAT fun, Chris tells me that he'll also be giving away a FREE DVD to everyone who watches all the shows each day. This is EXACTLY the sort of policy I can get behind! It's going to be a GRATE day, and I do hope some CHUMS manage to come along - it'll be nice to see some friendly faces!

posted 21/10/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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