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On Saturday I'm playing a GIG - not a Totally Acoustic, not a performance of Hey Hey 16K, not even a wedding but an actual GIG! It's the first I've done of this sort since JUNE, so I am a little nervous!

The event itself is Damnably's 9th Birthday Party/John Peel Day at The Brixton Windmill with a TONNE of other acts including smallgang, echolocation, Former Utopia, More Bad Times and LOADS more - tickets available HERE: I think I'm on at about 8:30pm.

It's all in aid of Refugee Action and to raise FURTHER ca$h for them Mr George Gargan, Damnably IMPRESSARIO, has put together a compilation album featuring tracks from some of the ARTISTES performing. George asked me about it AGES ago but I'd completely forgotten what had happened, so imagine my DELIGHT when I realised that mine and Steve's version of "Thank You For Being A Friend" was on it, HERE:

As with SO many of the cover versions I've recorded this was done because John The Publisher had passed on a BRIEF from some advertising company, saying they wanted a version for something or other. These briefs ALWAYS say they want something "quirky" or "lo-fi" which is VERY MUCH what I supply, only to find what they MEANT was "wimpy and sung by a child with a beard and/or wooly hat". Still, Steve and I had a MARVELLOUS afternoon recording it, as I think you can tell from the recording!

I don't think I'll be doing that song on the day, but then I don't know WHAT songs I'll be doing on the day. Why not come along, and we'll find out together?

posted 8/10/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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