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Blog: Luxembourg!

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Moien to one and all, and apologies for the lack of MUCH on here over the past few days. The reason for this is simple - i have been to LUXEMBOURG!

A little while ago The Dates In My Diary and I were discussing the idea of going on a late summer HOLIDAY. We went to Majorca for a week back in May but had been planning to go away again in September. Various ideas were suggested (including going back to Majorca because we LIKE it there) but eventually our minds fell upon the idea of LUXEMBOURG because a) neither of us had ever been there, so it would be an ADVENTURE b) it looked pretty do-able in a couple of days c) it turned out to be PEASY to get there. And so, we booked!

Getting there did indeed turn out to be MASSIVELY peasy. Ridiculously so, in fact - we walked approx 4 minutes down the road to our local DLR station and within 20 more minutes were checking in at the airport! We were flying from London City which is TINY and thus a DELIGHT. Most of the other people there appeared to be Professional Business Travellers so we blended in by eating CHIPS and drinking BEER. I think we got away with it.

The flight was with Luxair, making this the first time in YEARS we'd flown with a Proper National Carrier rather than, well, Easyjet, so we were surprised when things like FREE DRINKS turned up. We'd enquired beforehand about GRUB and were told that "there will no be a vegetarian meal". We thought this meant there WOULD be non-vegetarian meals, but actually it meant there were just SNACKS i.e. a bag of pre-sliced apples and a big box of tic tacs! It was LOVELY, especially as we accompanied it with my favourite kind of BEER - the FREE kind - and we even got some BOILED SWEETS for landing. Boiled sweets! It was like taking a plane when it was FANCY!

Luxembourg airport was much the same as City airport i.e. TINY and Luxembourg itself started being nice to us when a lady came and gave us a FREE bus ticket while we were working out the ticket machine. SPOILERS: this was to pretty much set the tone for our whole trip in that it was GRATE!

One very pleasant bus ride and brief stroll through the streets of Luxembourg City and we were at the Sofitel, what we had booked because it was WELL POSH. It got even posher when we went in as they UPGRADED us - it turns out that there IS an advantage to having an Accorhotels Member's card! I've spent the past DECADE using it whenever i've booked into the various Ibises (Ibii) what I have stayed in whilst on the road and never got NOTHING. Clearly my mistake was in not staying in posher hotels.

Once we got in the room we put the telly on and, as it is traditional, discovered that POINTLESS was on. Year ago it used to be "The Weakest Link" that was ALWAYS on when I entered an Ibis, the arrival of Pointless instead has been very much a positive. We spent some time putting things in big cupboards, staring in AMAZEMENT at the huge fancy shower cubicle in the middle of the room, and looking our of the window at the VIEW before deciding to venture out. I'd done some RESEARCH beforehand and found that there were several veggie restaurants in town, so went and found one called BEET which sold falafels, veggie burgers... and that's pretty much it. So that's what we had - also BEER. It was thus a full and very very happy couple of adventurers who wandered back to our hotel, wondering whether things would carry on in this vein. Only TIME (and the next blog entry) would tell...

posted 16/9/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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