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Blog: Another Final Night

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After all the excitement and emotion of the last night of Hey Hey 16K at The Camden Fringe on Saturday, Sunday found me heading out for ANOTHER last night at The Camden Fringe. This time it was the grand finale of London Calling", the portmanteau/sketch show what me and some of my chums from Lost City Writers had written.

As mentioned the other day I am RIDDLED with guilt about this show due to not having been around to do much to help make it happen, so was hoping to be of USE on this particular evening. However it turned out that I was pretty much surplus to requirements as, five days in, everything was working pretty smoothly. All there was for me to do really was to set up my video camera to record proceedings and sit back and watch.

It was QUITE a thing to see - months ago a bunch of us had sat in a meeting room and discussed slinging a few short plays/sketches together into something about a London radio station and LO! now here I was watching it actually happening, with proper actors and director and tech guy and EVERYTHING. It was all hugely SWISH and I felt delighted to be part of it. It's always fascinating to see how things change from when you (or indeed someone you know) sat down and typed it out to a bunch of completely other people performing it. It's a bit weird really - loads of things happen that you never expect, and some don't happen that you did!

Once it was all over there were congratulations and drinks but mostly there was tidying up and dashing for trains - we're having a get together in a few weeks time when, hopefully, I can get the full debrief on everything that happened and What We Have Learned from the experience. I learnt a metric TONNE just from watching it, so goodness knows what everybody else got from actually DOING it!

posted 2/9/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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