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Blog: A New Hey Hey 16K Website

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The title of today's blog is perhaps a little more PROSAIC than usual because it's about... well, a new website for "Hey Hey 16K".

I bought the domain name AGES ago just because I thought i OUGHT, and first used it properly last year when we had the 10th Anniversary re-release, but now that there's a whole FRINGE SHOW coming with that title it seemed like time for an upgrade.

The new design looks different from most of the sites I've done because, apparently, things have CHANGED on the interweb since I first learnt HTML coding way back in the last century. The most recent BIG difference is that these days people tend to use phones and tablets to go online, which means that the MENU bars that I used to use, which looked SO exciting in 2007, now don't always WORK for most users. THUS I embarked upon several HOURS of Professional Development, reading up on CSS and sizable buttons and wotnot and have tried to create a page that'll be easier to use on these more futuristic interweb portals.

There's not actually much ON there for now, but as we move along there should be pictures, press releases and all sorts of other things. At the moment it mostly says "It's a show! We're doing it in Leicester soon!" (which reminds me - people in Leicester! We're coming your way soon, perhaps you might like to buy a ticket?) but it will GROW soon. In the meantime though please have a look and let me know what you reckon - hope you like it!

posted 22/1/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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