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Blog: Guitar To A Good Home

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As part of the ongoing CLEAROUT that is going on chez moi at the moment I've been thinking about what to do with my various GUITARS. I have TWO gig guitars, an electrical guitar, a bass guitar, two ukeleles, the use of a (very nice) guitar belonging to The Strings On My Fretboard and also my original guitar, what I first learned to play on (as much as I ever have anyway), which has been sitting in a corner of the room for a decade, secured inside a grey foam guitar case. Last night I thought I'd get it out for a LOOK, and here's what I saw:

As you can see from the above, it got a LOT of use in the mid-90s, but hasn't really been out of the box since then and is unlikely ever to be used by me again. It's a fairly cheap Hohner in desperate need of a CLEAN and re-string but I think it could suit somebody quite nicely as a first guitar so I thought, rather than LUG it around with me for another decade, or try putting it on eBay, I'd see if anybody who reads THIS would like to have it? I'm giving it away for FREE to anyone who can meet me in That London for a handover in the next few weeks, my only condition is that it goes to someone who will LOVE it i.e. to do GIGS with or for somebody to LEARN guitar on.

Or, of course, if there is a ROCK MUSEUM who would like it - it is, after all, a BIG SLICE OF ROCK HISTORY.

So yes, if you would like it, can give it a good home, and can meet me sometime this month in Central London to pick it up, let me know!

posted 7/11/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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