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Blog: The Bishopsgate Singers

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On Monday night I met with The Singers In My Choir to go to the end of term "sharing" performance of The Bishopsgate Singers. This is an open access choir that meet every Monday night during term-time at The Bishopsgate Institute to learn up a whole batch of songs, which they sing for friends and family at the end of term.

The aforesaid Notes In My Tune hadn't gone this term but has been part of it many many times before (I went for two weeks once and was TERRIFIED by the ACTUAL SINGING and FLED!) so we'd gone along this time to see what they'd been up to lately. It was MAGICAL! There were about 60 people altogether, I reckon, as they combined at times with another group taught by the same teacher, and they made a MIGHTY noise. As The Words On My Song remarked, it's incredible to hear people making such a huge sound JUST with their voices - "only using what they were born with" rather than instruments, and all singing together in a huge SOUND.

It's an open access choir, which means that some people in the group had never done anything like this before, so it wasn't PERFECT ... which made it much more JOLLY and REAL and if anything MORE enjoyable for the occasional tiny wavers than it would be watching a CRACK SQUAD. It also meant you got to join in with the JOY and RELIEF when each song went well!

They did a range of songs, including some FOLK and a very pertinent version of "Too Darned Hot", but my favourite was a CRACKING version of "The Man Who Sold The World" and a spookily TERRIFYING take on "Love Will Tear Us Apart". It really worked with a choir, I think everyone was amazed!

Afterwards there was MUCH applause and pleasure, it was a beautiful way to enjoy music. If I could fit them all into the top room of the King & Queen I'd try and book them for Totally Acoustic!

posted 18/7/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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