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Blog: Melford Road Boxing Day

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Happy Melford Road Boxing Day to one and all, for LO! last night we had... well, obviously, Melford Road Christmas Day round at CHEZ NOUS.

This is a DELIGHTFUL tradition which arose several years ago to counter the FACT that myself and The Baubles On My Tree tend to end up going to respective FAMILY for Christmas. We realised we could have our OWN Christmas Day whenever we liked... so we DO, and it is BRILLO. The shops are still open, you can choose your own specials and movies to watch, AND you get everybody else's Christmas Day TOO a few days later!

This year we had the traditional INCREDIBLY MASSIVE TEA cooked by myself, although this time I finally GAVE IN and DIDN'T cook a massive pile of Roast Parsnips which I would then end up eating MYSELF for the rest of the year. Presents were exchanged in the gap between Roast Potatoes and STUFFING going in the hour, and DRINK was VERY MUCH drunk. As was i - OHO! And, for a grand finale, our Christmas Movie was "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming", which was EXCELLENT.

The STRANGE thing though is putting the telly on today and thinking "EH? Why is everyone going on about Christmas shopping, it's a bit late now isn't it?" or popping down to the post office to send some more copies of Dinosaur Planet out and wondering why there were so many people about... and, indeed, how come the post office was open. It's all lovely though, and we've still got a) LEFTOVERS b) "Planes Trains And Automobiles" to look forward to tonight! Merry Melford Road Boxing Day everyone, and a Happy Melford Road New Year!

posted 22/12/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Mine arrived very quickly - T-shirt and DP Bumper Pack! Thanks Mark and Royal mail for speedy pre-Christmas service. Go on kids, you know you want to!
posted 22/12/2011 by Mike

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