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Blog: Be In My Christmas Video!

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As I may have mentioned earlier, I'm putting out I Got You What You Want For Christmas is coming out on a download single from the marvellous people at Helen Llewelyn Product 19 , and I had a GRATE idea about how I could make a video to go with it.

And here it is: I'd like EVERYONE who reads this to send me a short video clip of you holding up a sheet of A4 paper, upon which you've written (in large legible letters) what you'd like for Christmas. PEASY isn't it? I'll then put them all together into one 2 minute (ish) video which will DELIGHT the world!

Full details of where to send the video, along with an EXAMPLE of what I mean, are now on this page here. I put the video on YouTube last night and I've ALREADY had a couple of (BRILLIANT) submissions, i think it's going to be FANTASTIC.

So yes, if you've got the time to record a clip PLEASE do so, I think it'll be LOVELY and Christmassy. I'd like to get started putting it together next week if possible, though my tentative deadline is the start of December, but the sooner you can get it to me the more EXCITED i can get about it! CHRISTMAS!!
posted 9/11/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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