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There's been a sudden SPLURGE of VIDEO ACTION from my Comrades In ROCk just lately, so how about we have a round-up eh?

First of all there's Brontosaurus Chorus, who have a ZOMBIE-flavoured video for their new single Louisiana which you can download for FREE. The download includes SEVEN (7) remixes of the main track, one of which was done by ME!

ALSO Zombie-flavoured is the video for L.O.V.E. by The Bobby McGees, which is out as a single from Twee As Fuck. It's a ONE SHOT Zombie Film, which looks DEAD clever... or should that be - AHA! - UNDEAD Clever?!?

Or is that Vampires?

ANYWAY, moving on to NON-GHOULISH matters, we find another video for another new single, this time by all-round good guy Mr Phil Wilson. It's acoustic version of Just The Same, which is ALSO out as a single, but not until next year. It sounds LOVELY, and apparently there'll also be some of his NEW stuff on the single as well: EXCITEMENT!br>
And finally, here's the video for The Bike Song by The Grave Architects, who i played with last week. This is the ABRIDGED or SINGLE version, which you can also download for FREE but I want the FULL STRENGTH version! There's a whole bit about his second bike that isn't on there, come on!

And that's the VIDEO ROUND-UP for today - coming soon, FACT on how to be in OUR next video! WHOO!

posted 5/11/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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