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Blog: Leicester: Second Night

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After FINISHING THE ALBUM (ZANG!) on Saturday we regrouped (SANS Frankie, whose poorly foot was still poorly) at The Criterion for our second show. In contrast to the FORTY tickets we sold for Friday we'd only sold ONE ticket for this evening, though a whole bunch of people turned up WITHOUT, including several PALS and indeed The Performance Details On My Ticket so that by SHOWTIME we were looking pretty full again. It was all a bit STRANGE I must say - this number of people NEVER came to gigs when I've played on my own, and once again I was forced to think Have I Been Doing It Wrong All These Years?

The show BREEZED by, with me actually remembering to do Professional, Competent, Rocking And Tight this time and we once again ENCORED with Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid. The strangest aspect of the evening was when I looked through the windows to my right and saw that there was a TV CAMERA looking back at me! I pointed this out to the audience and we WAVED at them, wondering what on EARTH was going on.

This morning I got an email telling me I'd been on TELLY - they used a tiny tiny clip of me POINTING AT THE CAMERA on "Inside Out", the BBC Local News programme, East Midlands version. We watched it on the iPlayer (here's the link, I'm on about 10 minutes in, at the start of the Comedy Festival feature), it was EVER so exciting!

With the show finished we said our goodbyes to Validators leaving (for a DO in The Village) and thanked the front of house staff, who'd been GRATE, before settling down for some BEER. Several people joined us including Maddy who saw Mr S Hewitt and GASPED. "Is that... CARSMILE STEVE!?!?" she said, for LO! She had been on similar mailing lists to the great man, where he is an INTERWEB CELEBRITY!

He wasn't the only one - when we went to The Firebug for a final pint someone saw a flyer for the show, with me in my Hey Hey 16K t-shirt. He looked STUNNED. "Did you... Did you write Hey hey 16K?!?" he asked. HOORAH!

I retired to my hotel very happy INDEED with how it'd all gone, and with lots to think about. Luckily I had PLENTY of time for that, as Engineering Works meant our journey home was nearly TRIPLED!

posted 12/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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I can't quite fathom your last para "very happy INDEED with how it'd all gone wrong" bit. Is that a joke, or are your fingers just predisposed to typing the word "wrong" after the words "all gone"? I know mine are.
posted 12/2/2009 by johnkell

Arf! I think that must be it, ta - CORRECTED!
posted 12/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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