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I've been feverishly UPDATING webpages today. There's a couple more gigs over on the GIGS page, including LONG AWAITED (NB by me, if nobody else) returns to the fine cities of Brighton and Cambridge. I'm rather pleased with how the gig listings are looking - late last year it was all London London London, but now it looks a bit more out and about, especially if you SQUINT at Croydon. Which, I believe, many do.

I also realised that I've not put any gigs on the MYSPACE for ages, so have now DONE so. I've also added yet ANOTHER new song to the NEW SONGS section. It's Data Storage Thing, which is the song for an advert I mentioned yesterday. I DID change the words, after a DELIGHTFUL detour into the PUB with Mr Flowers last night, but then woke SUDDENLY ALERT this morning, realising that I'd not changed everything I needed to, so found myself at 8.30am shouting "Faster than a 10 year old in a stolen car" into a microphone, just to get it sorted out. Which it now is.

PHEW! After all that, I think it's time for a bit of a lie down!

posted 28/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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