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Blog: A Preposterous Tale

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I ZOOMED off to London Bridge last night to go and see I,Ludicrous. It all seemed a bit, well, LUDICROUS before I went - they were booked to play on a four band bill, one of those you get at the Bull & Gate and places like that, where each band was just starting out and was expected to bring their own audience. One of those gigs that everyone plays to start off with...but surely not when they've been going over 20 years, are proper famous, have released loads of GRATE records, done Peel Sessions and STILL get played on the radio, toured with The Fall, influenced THOUSANDS and... well, ARE I,LUDICROUS?!?!

I got there to find that they weren't even listed on the poster - maybe i HAD made a mistake. "That's wrong", said Will Hung, lead singer, as he passed me on the stairs, "we're on in 10 minutes". PHEW!

I got myself STAMPED, went to fetch a pint, and then found Mr J Higgott, who'd told me about the gig. We went upstairs to find it, if anything, even MORE ridiculous, in that there was almost NOBODY there! What was going on? I've said it before, I'll say it again, but here were I, Ludicrous, playing at 8.40pm on a Saturday night to about NINE people!

They played and were FANTASTIC. They've recently expanded to a three piece with a bass player, so it was even MORE ROCK than usual, and there was EVEN MORE dancing. It sounded TERRIFIC, especially "Trevor Barker" which was suddenly EXTRA RELEVANT. They were THRILLING to watch, sounding AMAZING, and it only made the whole situation seem more BIZARRE.

Downstairs Jeff and I discussed this, until the band came over to say hello - Jeff knows them and indeed does their WEBPAGE. They all seemed happy and unbothered, and when I politely asked what was happening (i.e. i DIDN'T leap up and down going "BUT... WHAT THE??!?!") they just said they'd got an agent who'd booked them this gig, and that really they only did gigs when people ask them. I tried REALLY hard not to come across like some kind of LOONIE and/or end up offering to book them a tour, and I think I just about managed it, but as we came away I couldn't help thinking this was RONG. There's so many GIGS in That London, and so many pointless bands PLAYING them, surely it can't be right for a LEGEND like I,Ludicrous to do things like this? It is a RONG which must be RIGHTED!

posted 25/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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