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Blog: Weekend/CHARTS

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You find me back at work REFRESHED after an DELIGHTFUL weekend, the highlight of which was a trip myself and The Ram And My Ram-A-Lam-A-Ding-Dong made to MILE END, for a mini-Voon reunion, to celebrate Dr Brown's birthday. We went to The Palm, which is a GRATE pub anyway and would have had a FINE old night of it even if a JAZZ BAND made up, it seemed, entirely of pensioners who had JAZZED IT UP the first time around and never stopped, hadn't kicked of next to us and been AMAZING. You know in films where people go out for a quiet evening and get involved in KRAZY GOOD TIMES? It was like THAT. Brilliant!

... although, I must say, Sunday morning was LESS fun. It reminded me what Sundays were like when Voon were going full tilt and LUDICROUS EXCESS was par for the course. Still, I did manage to get it together enough to record that Two Beatles song, do some work on the album booklet, and make a - i have to say - FANTASTIC curry. It all helped me feel better!

As, INDEED, did THIS! It's the Poptimists Tracks of 2008 and we're in at NUMBER TEN! HA! Who cares about not being in The Festive 50 eh?

(answer: US, but let's not go on about it, even DEEP WOUNDS will heal if they're left alone. MELODRAMA.)

It's a rather lovely thing to happen - all right, yes, I have a pretty clear idea of PRECISELY who voted for us, but the debate AFTERWARDS about whether we should be allowed in with all the pop/R&B stuff is GRATE, especially when I am referred to, even if in a slightly roundabout way, as the ASTERIX of Pop. YES PLEASE!

posted 12/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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