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Phew, after all those STATS there's been little time for some actual NEWS... mind you, there's not actually BEEN much news but still, what there is is HERE:

ITEM! Work on The Album continues, as ongoing negotiations between The Producer and The Record Company reach, for now, an amicable solution. I think The Song Suite is IN, though there may be a fight to come about "IT Guy Addendum". In the meantime I'm busily working on the BOOKLET which will come on all CDs as a PDF and, for the lucky first hundred or so to BUY a copy from direct from us, as an Actual Real BOOK. It'll have credits, lyrics, chords, photographs, sleevenotes and - most excitingly of all - FUN FACTS!

ITEM! Our version of "Glory Days", destined to be on a forthcoming Bruce Springsteen compilation from WIAIWYA, may need some adjusting. Apparently THE BOSS doesn't like people messing with his lyrics which, you could argue, is precisely what i DID by translating them into English. Hopefully I'll be able to do this at the start of February when we do the Album Mastering.

ITEM! Talking of compilations, we sent off our version of "House Of Fun" for that French Madness Compilation before Christmas - they were going to have a Listening Session to check that all the contributions so far were OK. Either they haven't had a chance to do it yet, or they didn't like it and are too polite to say so!

ITEM! Over the weekend I'm also going to be recording a yet ANOTHER cover version for a compilation in aid of The British Lung Foundation. This is a SLIGHTLY different affair than the others though - have a look at the original to see why!

ITEM! It's Totally Acoustic again on Tuesday, with Orange Nichole and Superman Revenge Squad. If you fancy coming that'd be GRATE! The NEXT one, with Tim Eveleigh and Bob Fischer, has MOVED though, it's now on February 24th not February 17th. Please re-diarise accordingly!

And that's the FACT at present time of speaking. On Monday, it's ANSWERS!

posted 9/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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