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Blog: Most Useful Computer Thing: EVER

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This will probably come as a shock to most people reading this, but I actually work with computers during the day. I know, I know, you probably thought I was an International Espionage Agent or Helicopter Doctor or something, but NO it is computers from which i make my living - even MORE glamorous than you might otherwise have thought, yes?

The reason this is probably SO astonishing is because I don't like to mention it, either here or indeed in song, but today I am forced to make an exception. I have just read, on linkmachinego, the most BRILLIANT WINDOWS TIP EVER. Hold on to your hats, because here it comes: by using Ctrl + C, you can COPY ERROR MESSAGES ONTO THE CLIPBOARD!!!

How on EARTH could this have been kept a secret so long? WHY OH WHY have I been EITHER writing down error messages by hand or doing PRINT SCREEN and printing out whole pages just to keep ahold of it?!? BILL GATES! Here's a thought - when you come up with something ACTUALLY USEFUL, tell us about it! Get the sodding bloody paperclip thing to do it if you MUST, but let us know!

There's a bit more FACT about it on the original page that mentions it. I am sure I am not the only one who will try out the example of closing NOTEPAD without saving it, nor will I be the only one to think "THAT is AMAZINGLY COOL", be slightly ashamed of myself for thinking it, and then TELL EVERYONE I KNOW.

You can copy error messages in windows onto the clipboard! Suddenly, the world is an even brighter place!

posted 18/6/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Of course if you used a Mac you wouldn't have that problem in the first place ;-)
posted 19/6/2007 by alistair fitchett

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