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Blog: The Gay Train

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AT LAST, it is finished! Last night I headed to Kentish Town once more where myself and, mostly, Mr Rob Manuel FINISHED the video for The Gay Train.

If you'd like to see it you can do so via Youtube, Google Video or MySpace - all tastes are catered for!

As regular visitors will know, this has been a LOT of work to do and a LONG time to finish, but personally i rather think it has been worth it. I'm EXTREMELY chuffed with how it's come out IMMEASURABLY grateful to Rob for doing it, also to Lucy and Angus, also at B3ta Towers, for putting up with me coming round so often. Thanks, The Manuels!

So now we sit back to wait and see what happens - it IS the Official Follow-Up to Hey Hey 16K but I'm not expecting it to be QUITE as Ludicrously Popular as that was, but maybe other Thrilling Craziness will ensue. All we can do, my friends, is wait and see!

posted 18/10/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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I'm so proud to see my little toy train chugging round and round. Must remember to get it back of Rob before Angus takes too strong an interest in it.

Fantastic moustache work there too...
posted 18/10/2006 by Mike

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